Lamination Specialists
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DANCO Precision Custom Services to Complete Laminations, Cores and Stacks

DANCO is pleased to offer a variety of lamination services to complete your lamination, core or stack requirements. These include:


Annealing Furnaces - DANCO Precision
DANCO Precision’s annealing prowess goes beyond the standard silicon steel electrical grades. We also anneal nickel-iron and cobalt-iron alloys, the technically demanding ones, to customer specifications or to our own. We consistently meet or exceed our customers’ stringent requirements.
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Oxide Coating

Our annealing department has the capability to also provide high quality oxide coatings on a variety of lamination materials. We can provide the coating to customer specification or industry standards.
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DANCO’s welding department consists of two second generation custom-developed and designed CNC plasma welding machines for ID or OD welded core assemblies, as well as brazing, silver soldering and GTAW arc welding capabilities.
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In addition to welded cores, DANCO also offers thermo-set epoxy adhesive or riveting as means of securing laminations. We design and manufacture our own precision fixtures. Rivets can be brazed in, or we can form heads on one of our Bracker radial riveting machines. We are capable of production quantities ranging from single digits to thousands of cores.
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Other Services

Electrostatic Epoxy Coating - DANCO Precision
Laser Cutting of Small Metal Plates - DANCO PrecisionThrough its network of carefully developed subcontractors, DANCO offers laser cutting of prototype laminations, electrostatic epoxy coating on stacks as an alternative to slot liners and insulators, and strand annealing for specialty high strength alloys.
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