Lamination Specialists
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DANCO Manufactures, Builds and Assembles Stamped Laminations and Core and Stack Assemblies to Customer Specifications

Since the 1940’s customers throughout the world have relied on DANCO as a quality supplier for laminates, cores and stacks for their electric motors. Our attention to detail and experienced workforce helps us deliver total satisfaction with each completed order of

DANCO Custom Laminations

DANCO specializes in custom laminations – renowned for their quality. Every lamination we make is tailored to customer-specific requirements with laminates ranging in size from as small as ¼” to 48” diameter, and from .004” to .062” thick. We can stamp virtually any electrical steel or insulator material available in today’s market. Tolerances as tight as .0004” can be achieved on DANCO-designed and built lamination tooling.

Yes, we also make laminations for linear motors!
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DANCO Precision Has Core Competency!

High-quality stack or core assemblies are offered as bonded, riveted, welded, or a combination thereof. Secondary operations performed by DANCO include thickness lapping, ID/OD CNC grinding, turning, boring, chamfering, milling, drilling and tapping.
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