Lamination Specialists
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DANCO Relies on In-house Design and Production to Ensure Quality of All Laminations, Stacks and Cores

DANCO is a complete manufacturer, doing all operations in-house, guaranteeing oversight and quality results at every step of the process. We offer a wide range of equipment to meet the exacting specifications of our customers throughout our:


The range of capabilities our stamping department offers really sets DANCO apart from our competitors. Our notch lamination department can notch parts from .50” OD to 48.00” OD. Our notching presses range from five to 30 tons capacity; we can “skip” notch additional features, and even separate stators from rotors in one operation. Notched lamination quantities can range from a couple of hundred laminations or insulators thru millions of laminations.

DANCO’s blanking and progressive presses range from 25 to 300 tons. These presses can feed coil material up to 32” wide and handle coil weights up to 7500#.

Our pressroom also offers the capability to perform secondary operations such as light forming, drawing, and riveting. We can also add machining operations to stamped parts; turning, chamfering and tapping threads are some options. All of the dies that we run receive sharpening and preventative maintenance by our die maintenance department staffed by skilled die makers, guaranteeing that the tools remain in optimum running condition. Carefully kept die maintenance records allow us to monitor tool condition and life. This lets us be proactive with customer notification regarding tool life and repairs.
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Annealing Furnaces - DANCO Precision
DANCO Precision’s annealing prowess goes beyond the standard silicon steel electrical grades. We also anneal nickel-iron and cobalt-iron alloys, the technically demanding ones, to customer specifications or to our own. We consistently meet or exceed our customers’ stringent requirements.
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Oxide Coating

Our annealing department has the capability to also provide high quality oxide coatings on a variety of lamination materials. We can provide the coating to customer specification or industry standards.
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DANCO’s welding department consists of two second generation custom-developed and designed CNC plasma welding machines for ID or OD welded core assemblies, as well as brazing, silver soldering and GTAW arc welding capabilities.
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In addition to welded cores, DANCO also offers thermo-set epoxy adhesive or riveting as means of securing laminations. We design and manufacture our own precision fixtures. Rivets can be brazed in, or we can form heads on one of our Bracker radial riveting machines. We are capable of production quantities ranging from single digits to thousands of cores.
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DANCO manufactures in-house all tooling from gages and fixtures to 84” long progressive stamping dies. Starting with the latest CAD software, we design lamination dies to suit our customers’ requirements. Our skilled staff of certified toolmakers, each averaging over 20 years experience, provide the skills necessary to build any die required. We utilize our range of CNC lathes, machining centers, hand and automated surface and cylindrical grinders, and four wire EDM machines to produce parts quickly and accurately. All tooling is measured with tools and gages routinely calibrated for accuracy and repeatability.
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Our climate-controlled grinding department is where we finish grind assemblies to customer specifications. We have the ability to grind ID diameters as small as .250 diameter and OD’s to as large as 12.00 in diameter. We can hold ground tolerances as small as +.0000/-.0002” on some ground cores. We utilize Studer CNC universal ID/OD grinders known throughout the industry for their accuracy and reliability. Our grinding department is set up with a CNC mill and lathe to produce concurrent secondary operations. Blunting, deburring and buffing operations are routinely completed on cores to provide ready-to-wind assemblies.
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Other Services

Electrostatic Epoxy Coating - DANCO Precision
Laser Cutting of Small Metal Plates - DANCO PrecisionThrough its network of carefully developed subcontractors, DANCO offers laser cutting of prototype laminations, electrostatic epoxy coating on stacks as an alternative to slot liners and insulators for specialty high strength alloys.
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